Our Mission

To provide world class professional and legal services, with a touch or our very own Filipino values.

Quality, Value and Reliability

When getting a lawyer, it is important to consider two (2) essentials: QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY. At Estrebillo Law Office, we believe that we have achieved the ideal combination of both with the added reassurance of Total Peace of Mind when we are handling your legal concerns. To iensure the quality of our legal services, Estrebillo Law Office has adopted the policy of maintaining a modest client base, and in handling a few cases at a time.

Legal Updates

Corporate and Business Law

Salient Features of the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines.

Family Law

Gratuitous Disposition of Property Acquired During a Void Marriage

Intellectual Property Rights

TRADEMARK: Acquisition of Ownership of a Mark, and Protection of Prior Users in Good Faith, under the IP Code

Real Estate

HUMAN SETTLEMENTS ADJUDICATION COMMISSION: Cases falling within its jurisdiction

Labor Law

SEAFARER'S CLAIM FOR TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY: Importance of a final and definitive medical assessment within 120/240 days from medical repatriation

Criminal Law

UNFAIR COMPETITION: A transitory or continuing offence and camnot be considered as delicto continuado or continued crime..

Senior partner, CEO

Edgar Allan Estrebillo

Edgar Allan Estrebillo is the founder of Estrebiilo Law Office. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Santo Tomas. He became a lawyer at the age of 26. At the age of 29, he had the privilege of representing a President of the Republic of the Philippines in a Libel case that he filed against the publisher, editors and writer of a well know newspaper. He established his own law office, i.e., Estrebillo Law Office, at the age of 30. He handled the legal concerns and cases of top Philippine corporations in the telecommunication, banking, insurance, maritime, manufacturing, food and beverage industries. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and/or Corporate Secretary and/or Legal Counsel of various domestic corporations in the information technology, real estate, power and energy, sugar, logistics, construction and interior design, manufacturing, retail and trade, travel, gaming, international manpower and renewable energy industries. He is also the agent and/or lawyer in the Philippines of various foreign corporations based in the United State of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and China, that are involved in hotel and resort management, energy generation, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, fashion and publication, airport ground services, construction, and manufacturing of heavy equipment and machinery.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

Estrebillo Law Office does not allow inexperienced lawyers to handle the legal concerns and cases of our clients. Keeping abreast with the ever changing statutes, jurisprudence, and technical procedures before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies affecting your rights and interests, are our lifelong commitment.

Amazing People

The people comprising Estrebillo Law Office will be your lawyer, your personal guide to the complex legal world, and can even be your friend. We will explain to you the technical procedure before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies so you will know what to expect in the course of the trial or proceedings in your case.

Quality, Value and Reliability

We will not hesitate to seek the help of other lawyers with known experience and expertise on a particular filed of law, with no additional cost to you, to ensure quality, value and reliability in our legal work.

Great Legal Advice

We will advise you and show you how you can protect your rights and interests without necessarily spending a fortune. We will not hesitate to teach you how you can do it on your own, and even advise you against filing any suit in court, if not really necessary.

Free Legal Aid

Estrebillo Law Office provides free legal aid services to qualified indigent clients. For more information, you may contact us at:

Telephone Number (632) 8514-8946 * [email protected] * [email protected] * [email protected]