Our Areas of Focus

Corporate and Business Law

Our lawoffice provides legal assistance in the preparation and filing of the necessary documents in forming a business or professional partnership, incorporating a corporation, and setting up its operations in accordance with existing laws, government rules and regulations and local ordinances. It also gives legal advise and assistance on the reportorial requirements and regulations imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the applicable law on matters of share holdings and transfer of shares of stock, election and meeting of stockholders and directors, increase or decrease in capital stock, issuance of dividends, and dissolution of the corporation or partnership, and formal closure of its business. Our law office also handles intra-corporate disputes and corporate rehabilitation cases.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our law office extends legal services and advise in preparing and filing of application for or renewal of registration of trademark, service mark, and trade name; application for grant of patent or utility model, with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. It also provides legal assistance in registering copyrighted works with the National Museum and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, and entering into licensing agreements. The law office also acts as resident agent and/or lawyer in the Philippines of foreign entities whose intellectual properties are being used and protected in the country.

Labor Law

Our law office caters to both the employees and the employers on matters of labor standards, ranging from the terms and conditions of employment, sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination; and labor relations involving disputes arising from terminations of employment, and interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Our law office represents our clients before the Department of Labor and Employment, National Conciliation and Mediation Board, National Labor Relations Commission, and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.


Our law office provides legal assistance in the negotiation, drafting and preparation of contracts, as well as reviewing and revising existing contracts. It also handles litigation involving enforcement of contractual rights, breach of contract, and annulment of contract.

Family Law

Our law office provides legal services and advise in the area of Family Law ranging from essential marital rights and obligations, support, property relations, planning and settlement of estate, adoption, and change of name.


Our law office extends its legal services and assistance to foreign nationals who wish to secure an employment permit and working visa, other non-immigrant visa such as study, business, tourism and transit visa, and immigrant visa for those who wish to permanently reside in the Philippines. It also provides legal assistance in the renewal or change of their existing visas. The Law office handles deportation cases. It also provide legal assistance to former Filipino citizens who want to re-acquire Filipino citizenship.

Election Law

The law office extends legal assistance in training and preparing poll watchers of their duties and responsibilities before, during and after the election and counting of ballots. It also represents candidates before the Municipal or City Board of Canvassers, Provincial Board of Canvassers, and the Commission on Elections. The law office also handles pre-proclamation controversies and election contents before the regular courts and the Commission on Election.

Real Estate

Our law office provides legal services and advise in purchasing, selling, renting out and mortgaging real estate properties., including the drafting and preparation of the required documents, payment of required taxes and registration of the transaction with the government agencies concerned. It also handles cases for annulment of sale or real estate mortgage, foreclosure of mortgage and breach of contractual obligations.

Criminal Law

The law office has prosecuted cases involving the crime of Libel, Estate, Acts of Lasciviousness, Falsification of Public, Private and/or Commercial Documents, and violation of Batas Pambansa Billing 22. Believing in the Constitutional presumption of innocence of an accused,the law office had also defended both Filipinos and foreigners alike who were charged with of the crimes of violation of Republic Act No. 7220 (Child Abuse Law), violation of Intellectual Property Law, Theft, Estate, Illegal Recruitment, Fraudulent Insolvency, and Reckless Imprudence resulting to Homicide and Damage to Property.